Increase Fertilisation Success with Spindle View ICSI at Parency IVF Hospital

At Parency IVF Hospital, we've pioneered a revolutionary approach to fertility treatment with Spindle View ICSI, the first of its kind in South India. Our innovative technique addresses challenges in fertilisation by precisely assessing egg quality, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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What is Spindle View ICSI?

What is Spindle View ICSI?

Spindle View ICSI utilises advanced technology, including a specialised polarised microscope, to visualise meiotic spindles within eggs. By preserving spindle integrity during sperm injection, this technique enhances fertilisation rates and offers a comprehensive egg quality analysis.

Benefits of Spindle View ICSI at Parency IVF

  • Improved Fertilisation: Experience enhanced fertilisation rates, particularly in cases of poor fertilisation with conventional IVF or ICSI techniques.
  • Enhanced Egg Quality Assessment: Gain valuable insights into egg quality, allowing for informed decisions and personalised treatment plans.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing: This will facilitate informed choices regarding gamete donation options, optimising the chances of successful conception.
  • Tailored Approach: Benefit from individualised care and treatment strategies, designed to meet your unique fertility needs and goals.

When to Consider Spindle View ICSI

Patients Experiencing Poor Fertilisation with IVF or ICSI:

If previous IVF or ICSI cycles have resulted in suboptimal fertilisation rates, Spindle View ICSI offers a promising solution. By visualising meiotic spindles and preserving their integrity during the sperm injection process, this advanced technique enhances the chances of successful fertilisation, providing renewed hope for individuals facing challenges in conception.

Those Encountering Low-Quality Embryo Development with IVF:

In cases where IVF cycles have yielded embryos of poor quality, Spindle View ICSI presents an opportunity to optimise embryo development. By accurately assessing egg quality through the visualisation of meiotic spindles, this innovative approach enables clinicians to make informed decisions and tailor treatment strategies to enhance embryo viability and improve overall IVF outcomes.

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