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LAH (Laser Assisted Hatching)

Laser-assisted hatching is a scientific IVF technique that can make it easier for the embryo to “hatch” or break through its outer layer or “shell” (a membrane also known as the zona pellucida) by creating an opening.

A complex process like this requires a team of perfectly qualified and on-the-go doctors that will understand every question that you put forward and help you go through this process with every knowledge of it.

With qualified and trusted doctors to guide you through this process, Parency Clinic assures you the best of their services without compromising on your health. Giving you a lifetime of happiness is what Parency Clinic strives to do.

Looking for the best LAH treatment in Marathahalli? Visit us today as we are the best provider of LAH treatment in Marathahalli.

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Dr. Rutuja Athawale

Dr. Rutuja Athawale

Mbbs, Dgo, Fams(Rguhs), Frm(Bacc) Pgdm
Mrs. Arshita A

Mrs. Arshita A

Our Embryologist
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