7 Important Facts to Know if You're Considering IVF - Best IVF Hospital in Bangalore

Feb 08, 2022

IVF Treatment

7 Important Facts to Know if You're Considering IVF - Best IVF Hospital in Bangalore 7 Important Facts to Know if You're Considering IVF - Best IVF Hospital in Bangalore

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm in vitro ("in glass"). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process. After the fertilized egg undergoes embryo culture for 2-6 days, it is implanted in a uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

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It is important to know about IVF in detail before getting into this process as it is more than just conceiving through a different process. 7 important facts to know if you're considering IVF are:
1. The age of your eggs matters: The older you get, the fewer eggs you have, and egg quality begins to decline. Pay attention to €œlive birth rates€ when reviewing IVF success rates,.
2. Pregnancy rates are not the same as live birth rates: The better you are at reading IVF success rates for prospective IVF centers the better choice you will make when choosing the best fertility center for you. While getting pregnant via IVF is a good indicator of your ability to conceive and carry a full-term baby, it's not a guarantee of a successful, full-term pregnancy. Pregnancy loss is common along the IVF journey, and miscarriages lead to the very common story of multiple IVF cycles.
3. IVF cycles are much longer than menstrual cycles: There are multiple steps involved before and after the cycle syncing dates, which means the average IVF cycle takes about four- to six weeks from the start of a single cycle to determine whether or not viable embryos were created.
4. It may take more than 1 IVF round: It's not uncommon for a couple to go through several rounds to get pregnant, to have a successful IVF pregnancy.
5. You may need IVF even if you conceived at home in the past: Many couples who conceive a child easily at home the first time around are shocked when they can't get pregnant again. This is referred to as secondary infertility.
6. It takes its toll on your mental and emotional health: While there are couples who come in, are diagnosed, and get pregnant via IVF in the first round. Most couples have to undergo three IVF rounds or more. The process takes its toll on mental and emotional health, and infertility/fertility treatments also take their toll on relationships.
7. Patience: As the IVF treatment process would be taking more time than you have expected, you must be patient enough to keep up with the same while you seek a good IVF treatment.

These are some of the important factors to keep in mind while considering IVF. It's a beautiful yet very hard process to go through and it's best to trust a clinic that looks after your needs and understands your concerns as well. ParencyIVF is that clinic for you, making it the Best IVF clinic in Bangalore.